WATERBODY – Cinematic Swedish Jungle-pop with an Indie sound

Waterbody is an instrumental music project created by Swedish artist Lotta Wenglén.

The name WATERBODY refers to how we as humans are part of all water bodies and flow together, but we are also limited to individuals. So at the same time as we are free and mobile, we exist in a carefully defined form that is difficult to reshape.

While working with this project WATERBODY wanted to avoid her own limitations and well-travelled musical landscapes by inviting brilliant musicians to give the music wider dimensions. Some songs presented themselves as repetive states, while others where shaped more like traditional pop songs with carved out parts like a verse or a chorus.

"I guess this creative boust took over after I had frantically composed music for a theater play in Gothenburg. I just couldn't wind down so I kept making more music. This also became my attempt to play alongside my musician friends and build something beautiful together", she says.

"I had collected pictures of views and environments in my head and had an urge to set them to music. I felt like this was an opportunity to invite the unsuspected to the compositions. These manic recordings took place between February and May 2021 during a time when we couldn't meet up in the studio as before. So we traded files over the internet and I could feel that the music resonated so well with the musicians I had invited. The production work was a bliss! I think we all had a longing to keep on working no matter what."

After recieving the files from her friends WATERBODY put it all together and added some final layers at Magnus Sveningsson´s Skånes Synth Park. In May Andreas Ejnarsson mixed the album in Southfork Studio in Helsingborg and in June Hans Olsson mastered the tracks in Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg.

nfortunately the queue to press the eco friendly vinyl was incredibly long so it wasn't until spring 2023 that we could release the record.", says Lotta who also runs the Record Label Margit Music.

Guest musicians on the album: Lisen Rylander Löve (saxophone & voices), Conny Städe (drums), Magnus Sveningsson (bass and synth), Henrik Hoffer (electric guitar), Andreas Ejnarsson (piano & synth), Måns Wieslander (electric guitar), Åsa Gustafsson (flute), Lasse Johansson Ståle (slide guitar & synth) and Henrik Meierkord (cello).

About artist Lotta Wenglén
Lotta Wenglén lives and works in Böste outside of Malmoe in southern Sweden where she runs her own recording studio and label Margit Music.
She has a solid career as a solo artist with five albums and two EP´s in her discography as well as a lot of releases with bands she has been a part of over the years.

Lotta forms one half of the indie singer songwriter-duo Blind Lake, along side Måns Wieslander. They  released their debut album "On Earth" 2015 in the USA and recieved really good reviews. In 2020 came vinyl album "Streetlife" and the EP Wellness in 2023.

Apart from playing music solo and in bands, Lotta devotes her time as a producer and composer of music for theater, radio and film.

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Cinematic Swedish Jungle-pop with an Indie sound